About Me

My name is Kevin Smick. I received my BS in animation at Depaul University in Chicago and an associates in game design at Delaware County Community College in Media, PA.  During my education I spent a summer term as the Co-Lead for Architectural models for a campy sort film series called Sex City leading a small group of students producing the models for a small town/cityscape. Currently I am a dev member for Angry Engineers working in bits and pieces on a game by the name of Centration.

Like I suspect many in the industry, I grew up with a love of games that over time became a desire to take part in their creation.

Playing around with Valve Hammer and the WC3  editor  in high school toying around with rudimentary map creation I became interested in learning how to create my own content. I started out teaching myself Gmax and spending lunches and study halls in the computer lab teaching my self what was at that time Alias Maya’s P.L.E. After high school I went to DCCC where they were using 3ds Max. Yet again i found myself spending many an hour between classes in the lab trying to work out as much as I could.  After DCCC I did my BS over at Depaul learning Maya and with the help of some electives Zbrush. Since graduating I have spent my time building my portfolio, deepening my skillset, working, and more recently getting involved in Indie development .

Going into 3d art has given me this fantastic outlet only limited by my own creativity. Creating something from your head or a sketch and seeing living on screen so to speak is really something special to me. Even working on this portfolio has been just a wonderful evolution that is driving me to push my work farther and farther. I hold the belief that if it can be better, it should be. And working on this wall of text and ever changing gallery of works is all part of that.